Outside or inside measurements


want to ask when i add my numbers for the box is that inside or outside ?

looking at rockfords calculator

34cm X 98cm X 25cm gives me 61,41 Liters

18mm MDF will i use.

when i put in 980mm with. 340mm hight then i gives me 248mm depth

Total Volume: 82,47L

Useful: 50L

and in BassBox PRO 34x98x25

says: VB 56,52L Total: 61,41

so i'm comfused on whats right..

Thansk for any help

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You must write outside dimensions in the width, height, length, dw0, dw1. And don't forget to specify material thickness

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wasnt sure.

thanks a lot

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If it was asking for internal dimensions, it would not ask for material thickness. It does the calculation from outside to inside dimensions for you.

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