Ported or sealed

I was wondering if anyone has had any first hand experience with Jl 10 w3v3-2 ?

I'm wondering for Sq in an open cab van which would sound better as I am torn.

I used to have 2 15 fosgates in my Monte with the seat down the cabin gain was tremendous, but then I got 2 10 inch jls in a ported box which I believe was too big bc the foam ripped up and I caulked them and they sounded fine after.

But that was 20 years ago and now I am going from a trunk to an open cab van.

I orderee 1 with a fosgate 1000x1bd which I know is too much power but I plan to get more later if I like the sound. I'm thinking I should have gotten 4ohm instead of 2 where I could run 4 @ 1 ohm. This way I can only run 2 @1ohm so I may send it back.Crutchfeild is good on returns so it shouldn't be a problem.

I know I have read jl is over priced but from what I remember they sound great & I'm not going for spl.

I'm not a know it all just thought id fill in the gaps as too get an opinion.

I ordered a ported sound ordinance 1.5 cu.@36hz I believe. Other people said their jl sounded great in their but I know opinions are like assoles

I plan to build a box later but just wanted something to try it out in. I figured I could plug the ports even thought it's 2x as big as it should be but to hear the diff.

What suggestions does everyone have in regard to the type od enclosure I should use? I love low hard hitting responsive bass but I thought the ported would sound better in an open cab..?

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