Thiele-Small parameters

Speaker system

Recommendations to enclosure

Closed Vented
4th Order Bandpass 6th Order Bandpass

Box parameters

Change only if you know what is this(default value is 7 consider for most cases)


Vent parameters

1 2 3 4

Vent dimensions

* — the side which will be calculated when other change


* — suggest dimensions for a minimum port area to prevent noises, which arise as a consequence of too high air velocity in the port. Because the noise generated depends on factors other than velocity (e.g. edge roughness), and because the annoyance caused by vent noise is subjective, this result should be regarded as a general guide only, not as a rigid rule.

Speaker additional


Box type


Port additional

Bound box

Total volume(l.) 45
Material volume(l.) 10
Useful volume(l.) 35

* — the side which will be calculated when other change


    Amplitude response (dB)
    SPL (dB)
    Cone displacement (mm)
    Phase response (grades)
    Group delay (milliseconds)
Don't forget set layouts sizes. Choose a box part select then connect points that you interested.