21 Aug, 08:20

Attention!!! The future of the service

Some musing about the future of the service(Too much text but should read if you like the service): I've been developing the service for about 3 years, I've done many features: we have 3 clients(iOS, Android, WEB) and backend to connect it all. The project


27 Nov, 04:39

3d box mode

Why won't it let me enter 3d box mode iv tried everything. Plus it won't let me enter all me info on the box page. 


19 Nov, 08:51

How to make a full convertible hit hard

So I have a 2001 Jeep Wrangler hardtop convertible that I’m trying to build a box for that would sound good with the top off. My customer wants to go ported but as soon as we remove the top the bass is gone. Is there a certain way I should be facing both t


14 Nov, 21:11

Port dimension calculation query

About to cut dual slot ports into 19l boxes using calculation of speakerboxlite app.  Noticed JLaudio say: Multiple Ports There are two widely used methods for calculating multiple ports for a single chamber. Only one method is correct, but, unfortunately,


14 Nov, 16:53

Volume information

I have two woofer of SONY VX-222 sound system and i want to make a 4th order bandpass for it but i don't know the volume for high bass. Please help me to know the volume required for best performance 


14 Nov, 08:09

4th order

I'm trying to build a 4th order wall for a 2001 Tahoe and 2 15 inch crystal audio solutions  cs6 15's im stuck i gave made a sealed box but a can't seem to make a 4th order wall configuration any help 


12 Nov, 19:02

Nie widać szablonów pomocy

btak szablonów. Nie wyświetlają się ktoś pomoże 


9 Nov, 11:44

Cone Displacement

Dear all When i'm modelling an Dayton Audio RSS390HF-4 in speakerboxlite , i doesn't reach the maximal cone displacement. Doing this in WINISD i have allways the problem with the same datas that the cone displacment going out of limits, which is normal wit


27 Oct, 13:54

Adding Diy Sound Group - Anarchy- 708 to database

Hi,  Firstly, thanks so much for making such a excellent tool!! I purchased the pro version today and look to trying the added features. I have submitted the Diy Sound Groups - Anarchy 708 driver for review and to add to your database. I made an error the


22 Oct, 18:41

No Graph

Would anybody know why no matter what I do I can't figure out why it wont show me any data on the graphs, yesterday I had it but I didn't save so I had to restart on the design, and now all the useful information is gone. Is there a tab I may have clicked


20 Oct, 05:11

What's New? WEB version

WEB version update: air density and sound velocity are taken into account additional graphs have been added: impedance, port air velocity, maximum power, maximum SPL also, added graphs boundaries lines for port air velocity, transfer function, group delay


11 Oct, 11:12

Publish drivers specs

HI! I've published 8 drivers specs days ago, some are not in the database and some are update of existing drivers (some T&S specs were missing). Any chance to have them published? The problem is that if we build a box with an unpublished driver in the data


8 Oct, 08:12

Thickness of the round ports

Hello, Is there a possibility to change the thickness of the round ports? The thickness is 36mm by default and it seems that it is not possible to change this value, or at least I did not find it. Cheers,


4 Oct, 02:27

how do i move a port?

So once I place the port in the 3d rendering how do I move it to another place on the box, it places it on the edge but I need it to be in the center between the speakers per the customers request.


3 Oct, 20:32

L-Port / Labyrinth

What is the difference between L-Port and Labyrinth


3 Oct, 20:31

6th order problem

I was trying a 6th order design. When designing a port is shown in front chamber. In rear chamber i cant place one. When a surface is clicked upon a opposite one lights up green. This goes on till all light up except the one i want the port in. And then th


2 Oct, 17:04

Not sure how to use this site box build

Have 2 12” dvc 4 ohm type r’s wired to 1 ohm wanting to built a custom box for the back of a 2012 Chevy traverse that will be in car and audio shows I have a Hifonics BXX2000.1D AMPLIFIER That will be running these any help or pointers would be appreciated


2 Oct, 02:14

Amp choice

Hi everyone, I was curious if anyone knew of a price effective way of doing this. I was thinking of getting a Skar audio VXF-15 (1500 RMS, 3000 Max either 2 or 4 ohm options), and planning on getting another in the future to have 2 but right now I'm only p


20 Sep, 00:32

Subwoofer box for audiopipe txx-bdc4-6

I was wondering if someone could make me a band pass subwoofer box for my subwoofer one chamber 65hz and the othere 45 hz or the best you can get 


18 Sep, 09:54

Looking for an expert to find the right speaker

I am trying to develop an object that drives away beasts using a low frequency of less than 20hz. However, there are so many different speakers than I thought, so I think I'll be frustrated after choosing it. The speaker I want to buy is 10 inches and shou