21 Aug, 08:20

Attention!!! The future of the service

Some musing about the future of the service(Too much text but should read if you like the service): I've been developing the service for about 3 years, I've done many features: we have 3 clients(iOS, Android, WEB) and backend to connect it all. The project


Sunday, 00:32

Subwoofer box for audiopipe txx-bdc4-6

I was wondering if someone could make me a band pass subwoofer box for my subwoofer one chamber 65hz and the othere 45 hz or the best you can get 


18 Sep, 09:54

Looking for an expert to find the right speaker

I am trying to develop an object that drives away beasts using a low frequency of less than 20hz. However, there are so many different speakers than I thought, so I think I'll be frustrated after choosing it. The speaker I want to buy is 10 inches and shou


17 Sep, 18:43

6th order problem

I was trying a 6th order design. When designing a port is shown in front chamber. In rear chamber i cant place one. When a surface is clicked upon a opposite one lights up green. This goes on till all light up except the one i want the port in. And then th


17 Sep, 06:05

peerless xxls 12" 830844

i have a peerless xxls 12" 830844 and i need a decent box design for this sub. i am new to this program and i am looking for some good low bass that i can still feel, i maybe asking to much from this sub but that is  just what i want. is anyone able to com


15 Sep, 11:49

How to add new Speaker

Can someone please add the speakers .


14 Sep, 14:00

Ports length and how many

I’m looking at a wall build. For 2 nsv4 18” dual 1 subs. Max dimensions are H-43. D-19. L-57. Would like aero port design for a box.  Please help the tuning of it for ports and length. 28-40 hz is my range. 


14 Sep, 05:37

6th order enclosure serie of parralel?

The 6th order enclosures are the serie of parralel designs? Thinking of building a serie 6th order for a single 15" ascendant audio mayhem D1 


9 Sep, 05:34

Why is the Skar VXF-12 D4 on here but not the D2

Why is the Skar VXF-12 D4 on here but not the D2


6 Sep, 20:03

Subtracting speaker and port displacement

When entering the value for VB in box parameters, do I need to deduct driver and port displacement  or does speakerboxlite do it for you? Another words, the box Value before subtracting port and speaker Displacement is 2.0 cubic feet and afterwards it’s 1.


2 Sep, 08:58

How to change wiring from series to parallel?

I'm currently working with 2 D2 subs and it automatically assumes that im wiring to 4 ohms. I'm trying to make sure taht my impedance rise is accurate


27 Aug, 21:10

Box design

I got 2 sundown X10 V2D4 and need a simple dual vented enclosure @ 38 Hz and 1.5 volume that's going into a Yukon so I got the space of it matters cuz I'm looking for the low bass sound of anyone can shoot me a design. Thank u 4 ur time


21 Aug, 10:37

Save in CAD format

Possible to have this saved in CAD format in case we wanted to use a CNC to do the cuts 


21 Aug, 09:41

Please help me

Please, i dont have tons of cash But i do have 3 4/8 pieces of 3/4 mdf and any tool i will need, i need a box design basic is best for 2 15” harmony ha-ca152 dvc 2 ohm subs 1400rms each i want the vnt on bottom on the front with thesubs, subs mounted baske


9 Aug, 03:09

Lost help harmony 15 1400rms dual vent box


9 Aug, 03:07


Okay im experienced box builder, but totally stumped on this one. Just happens to be my personal set up. I own 2 dd2512c and I am wanting max flat response. And it's recommending a sealed enclosed which the manufacturer does not at all. Vented 2.5 I have l


7 Aug, 09:44

Speakerboxlite prediction doesn't match REW measurements at all

So I designed a subwoofer in SBL, basically a 325mm cube with an Dayton Audio Ultimax UM10-22. The graph in SBL shows 40Hz at -3.8dB and 30Hz at -6.2dB. Now I built it with a Monacor SAM-300D and measured it with my UMIK-1 and REW, and it measures 40Hz at


6 Aug, 06:13

FR: Step Response and Tone Burst Response graphs

Hi, today I've found this great tool by coincidence. You've done a great job! I'm building speakers for 25 years as a hobby. I've used a lot of different desktop applications over all those years. One feature that I liked from LspCAD was the Step Response


3 Aug, 00:11

3 txxbcd4 12

I am not by any means of a box builder it's a lost cause flat out need help building a 3 txxbcd4 12.i can do everything else except building a box This box is to big for the txxbcd4 12 barely got all the screws in


17 Jul, 05:08

Box design

I'm needing help building a box for a sundown sa 8v 1.5 (after my sa 8v2 d2 passed away) and I'm having a hard time getting the box tuning right. Tried using the calculator here but dont know how to view the plans/ cut documents. Any help is appreciated pl