29 Mar, 09:33

Attention!!! The future of the service

Some musing about the future of the service(Too much text but should read if you like the service): I've been developing the service for about 3 years, I've done many features: we have 3 clients(iOS, Android, WEB) and backend to connect it all. The project


Monday, 08:07


Okay im experienced box builder, but totally stumped on this one. Just happens to be my personal set up. I own 2 dd2512c and I am wanting max flat response. And it's recommending a sealed enclosed which the manufacturer does not at all. Vented 2.5 I have l


30 May, 19:30

New driver approval

Hello, everyone, I am new, and I am discovering with great pleasure. I've been waiting for approval of a new driver in the database for a week now. Does it usually take this long for approval? Edu


23 May, 09:34


What’s up with the dimensions? I have it set for inches but it’s showing me whole numbers and keeps changing what I put in. I’m trying to Put my Height:12” W:40“ D: 8” and it’s giving me 40 length 2.65 Depth and 8.14 on Height


20 May, 00:26

How to model stuffing?

How can we model stuffing in the box? some programs have a Qa parameter, but I couldn't find that here.  Any help would be appreciated!


17 May, 05:45

speaker element stuck in review

Added a jbl speaker in january. still not reviewed and added. 


16 May, 00:11

Working the app

Very new to this,is there any tutorial around on how to work this app?


12 May, 09:45

Ct sounds EXO 15

I've got a CT Sounds EXO 15". It's like it was never made. Google it and all you get are the 12". Can anyone here help me out with the T/S sheet for the 15. Thanks 


5 May, 06:14

Sub enclosure width

I have a 2004 GMC Sierra 1500 Regular Cab pickup truck. I am running 1 Kicker 43CVT124(COMPVT 12). My box dimensions is 5(L)x14(H) but needing to know a good width that will give me the needed air space for a sealed box. Building with 3/4" mdf.


5 May, 05:55

How do I do this lol

Trying to design a box for 2 evl 15s and im just not able to do it at all on here can't figure alot of stuff out like the fb htz and stuff and the port because I want the box to have a rectangle port  Please help im bout to lose my mind lol 


4 May, 19:00

How do you design downfiring boxes?

I’m trying to design a one sided trapezoid box that is downfiring to look more stealth. But I can’t seem to figure out how to get the sides to come down and create feet. This way the cuts would also include this element. 


1 May, 18:10

What volume for my speakers

Hi folks,  I’m new to this and really struggling. I want to make two speaker boxes from 18mm mdf for my shed using 2 Kenwood 170mm 200watt speakers. I thought it would be easy to find out the best box volume using one of the many online calculators out the


24 Apr, 07:46

What's New? WEB version

WEB version update: air density and sound velocity are taken into account additional graphs have been added: impedance, port air velocity, maximum power, maximum SPL also, added graphs boundaries lines for port air velocity, transfer function, group delay


18 Apr, 13:47


Why cant You add simple quick search of speaker brand near brand list?


17 Apr, 08:42

Login problem / bug

Hi. I have 1 PC with windows 10 and 2 laptops: 1 with windows 8.1, and 1 with windows 10, and a smartphone with Android 9. On my smartphone and on all 3 computers I have the same web browsers (in addition to old IE): Google Chrome and the new Microsoft Edg


17 Apr, 08:02

What's NEW? Mobile versions

We have a new version for iOS and Android devices: Some bugs fixed Spread number of graphs: impedance, port air velocity, maximum power, maximum SPL Now you can change Y-axis ranges Legend of graphs was improved: now you can show/hide particular graphs, or


29 Mar, 13:02

not showing 3d

its telling me plase plase all objects in 3d


26 Mar, 20:50

Inches: Fractions vs Decimals

I have a question to users who use inches to measure length. There is a suggestion from one of the users to change decimal part to the fraction, for example, write 1 1/25 instead of 1.04 is it more convenient? I never used inches. In the tech docs lengths


26 Mar, 13:29

Activity Feed bug at 6th order bandpass enclosures

Hi. I just noticed a bug after sharing my project: on Activity Feed list the displayed volume values are identical at both chambers at 6th order bandpass boxes. I mean, in the list the Vbfront's value is displayed at Vbrear too, but if I open the project (

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14 Mar, 19:19

Where did the download function for the drawing go?

After the update the download function which created a text document for the drawing disappeared. Are you going to bring that feature back?