Sunday, 14:19

Attention!!! The future of the service

Some musing about the future of the service(Too much text but should read if you like the service): I've been developing the service for about 3 years, I've done many features: we have 3 clients(iOS, Android, WEB) and backend to connect it all. The project


Wednesday, 07:18

Request to have 2 speakers added to data base

Hi, not looking to be a pain but just confirming that I have done it correctly. I have two open requests to have two subwoofers added to the data base of speakers not sure if I have done it correctly though but the Savard Speaker is the more important of t


Wednesday, 01:56




30 May, 02:44


Need box dimensions for a ported box for two Skar ZVX-12v2 D2! 48"w x 30"h x 30"d is the max space. 6 cu. ft all together or 3 cu. ft per sub. Tuned somewhere around 30-35 Hz. Thanks in advance! 


19 May, 15:07

skar evl-65 d2

This is my first time using this program so I'm fairly new to how it works I'm looking to build a box that will hold 4 skar evl-65 d2's and 2 skar vx200-st tweeters something not to big I'm even considering a smaller build with just 2 6.5s and a tweeter if


15 May, 20:55

Sundown U15d2

So up until this point I have always bought a box as i have never had a system with ver 1000rms and I tried using the wizard with the thiele parameters and I get to the final step and it says warning about port length being to long or something halp! Lol


13 May, 20:34

Need Assistance Building

Need assistance with operating the software. Just trying to make a Custom Bandpass Enclosure for a Custom Subwoofer. 


13 May, 03:00

I need help Building an enclosure

I have an 2003 envoy xl so space isn't am issue I want to build a port enclosure for two American Bass XFL-1244 2019 I have already built one it hits lower note but not so much high ones. These are Dimensions Box External Dimensions 37.00" × 17.00" × 23.81


16 Apr, 12:21

How to make a full convertible hit hard

So I have a 2001 Jeep Wrangler hardtop convertible that I’m trying to build a box for that would sound good with the top off. My customer wants to go ported but as soon as we remove the top the bass is gone. Is there a certain way I should be facing both t


16 Apr, 08:16

Speaker Box design

What is The Best choise for Pro Audio speaker Box design APP or soft ware 


14 Apr, 08:29

Can't find T/S for Two Speakers

Hello, could you please help me finding the T/S Parameters for the speakers - pictures bellow. I have two speakers, the only thing I know about is the Serial Number or Part Number. The bigger is FSF06401C-01 and the smaller is ESB545017-1808. Do you guys K


11 Apr, 04:13

Bandpass box for 8 skar sdr 12s

Need help designing  a bandpass box for 8 skar audio 12's please help !


31 Mar, 11:24

Cone Displacement

Dear all When i'm modelling an Dayton Audio RSS390HF-4 in speakerboxlite , i doesn't reach the maximal cone displacement. Doing this in WINISD i have allways the problem with the same datas that the cone displacment going out of limits, which is normal wit


24 Mar, 01:34

App not working

Why can't it just work you know some issues with this 3d or drawings 


17 Mar, 00:52

Need help with tuning new box build

Hey everybody, I'm in need of some experienced help. I've got all of my specs in for my current build but now that I have everything plugged in I'm noticing my port velocity is through the roof. Any tips? And how could I load my build for everyone to see/c


2 Mar, 22:01

Ports length and how many

I’m looking at a wall build. For 2 nsv4 18” dual 1 subs. Max dimensions are H-43. D-19. L-57. Would like aero port design for a box.  Please help the tuning of it for ports and length. 28-40 hz is my range. 


27 Feb, 10:38

Tweeters? 3-way speaker

Why can’t I find or add any tweeters into my speaker build. Is this app just meant for subwoofer building? I can select a 3 way design but can’t find any tweeters. Confused by this 


7 Feb, 08:23


no matter what i do when trying to design a subwoofer box i cant get the Fb(Hz) value.. i have tried to refresh page, i have tried to redo the entireox but stil ldoes not work.. There Is Also No Spaces While Typing This Rewiev..


1 Feb, 22:32

Approving speakers

Hi everyone, I would like to know how speakers are approved. I sent 2 new speakers, i need to send others in the future. Sincerely Romain Cahu


29 Jan, 14:22

Pe (w)

Hi guys pe(w) ?  Is this rms or peak wattage?