15 Jun, 01:34

Attention!!! The future of the service

Some musing about the future of the service(Too much text but should read if you like the service): I've been developing the service for about 3 years, I've done many features: we have 3 clients(iOS, Android, WEB) and backend to connect it all. The project

Sunday, 15:12

Wtf is PE(w)???

Just curious im doing a box for a jmf custom 12. It was a dc audio sub converted. Im filling all the required fields per dc audio lvl 5 sub specs. And i run into this parameter pe(w) i assume it is freq resp @ 1(w) which is 82 db... idk for certain though


27 May, 00:55

How big a box for 2 -10s vented

I have 2 jbl gt5 10sub not sure how big the box , also vented


22 May, 13:24

Speakers connection

What is the meaning of speakers connection at the driver tab? is it like connecting it to the AMP at parallel or serie at seprate channels? Like both subs on 1 channel parallel 


22 May, 05:10

Best box design

What is the best box design for selenium 18ws 600?


10 May, 23:14

problem adding subwoofer

when i try to add a subwoofer i get this error and i cannot proceed: TypeError: t is null


6 May, 23:00

nemesis hectic 15

any specs on nemesis hectic 15? like cutout diameter , everything


20 Apr, 01:52

Box dimensions for a trapezoid box

I have 2 jl audio 12tw3-d8 need dimensions for a trapezoid box for 1.62 cubic feet . I have 19 inches tall, 59 inches wide,and 20 inches deep space to work with. 


18 Apr, 04:39

4 sundown sa v2 12s in 04 tacoma extended cab sr5

04 tacoma ext sr5 with 4 12 sa v2 in extended cab im going to take everything out of the extended cab all panels and seats i want to build a enclosure that can fit these at the right volume and sound good while slapping hard af and super low


6 Apr, 15:18

No Info

I have two memphis m71212 going in a 2009 altima. Any suggestions on a custom box build? 


21 Mar, 19:48

What box should I build

I have two CT sounds ozone 10 inch dual for home subwoofers that I am building a box for. What type of box would you recommend


18 Mar, 05:45

help building a subbox for 8 8"skar zvx subs

i just need help using this software where can u put how many subs im using fir the enclosure etrcv etc......./


18 Mar, 03:04

need help

need help building an enclosure for 2 nemesis hectic v1 and 1 hectic v2    15"  tuned to 30 hz please 


19 Feb, 11:18

Need help

Need help on figuring out what kind of box to build two 3 xl 12 d power base . They are dual voice coil wired Pharrell 12 inch one ohm


18 Feb, 03:29


Any video of  how to use the app I'm new to this and I don't know how to use it


18 Feb, 03:22

Needing help designing underseat box

Needing a design for under seat in 1999 Ford F-150 extended cab it’s goin to house 4 6.5 skar evl d4 


30 Jan, 13:18


i need small parametres.pioner ts-w303c.and evr


27 Jan, 05:04

Building two side trapezoid terminology

So I'm building a two sided trapezoid box so there is a couple different angles which I'm all good with but while checking out the cut list I came across a term that I just want to get a definitive answer as to what it's asking before I continue, so can an


23 Jan, 19:56

I’d like some help navigating the app

I would like some help navigating the app so I can start working on speakers


17 Jan, 20:37

2 deafbonce apocalypse 4514rd2 in sentra

Removed all seats except driver in 2008 sentra. Cut out rear deck all the way to windshield added alternate bracing. I have 3 agm 1 lithium battery 320 amp alternator and salt 4 for 2 deafbonce apocalypse db4515r d2 parralel at .5 ohm I have built 2 ported