23 May, 09:51

Attention!!! The future of the service

Some musing about the future of the service(Too much text but should read if you like the service): I've been developing the service for about 3 years, I've done many features: we have 3 clients(iOS, Android, WEB) and backend to connect it all. The project


Today, 09:03

Box design

HI have tried to design a ported box for 4- 12's. There a 1250 watt RMS speaker. I have built 2 boxes that are garbage. I'm tired of burning them for firewood. Birch is expensive! Is there anyone out here that would help? I would surely appreciate it. (cra


Today, 09:00

What does useful volume mean

so i want to build a speaker box for 2 alpine s-w10d2's but the only problem i have is where it gives total volume and useful volume is the useful volume the net volume or what?


Today, 08:50

Does anyone know how port placement effects the frequency responce of the subwoofer?

I was planing on building a new box for my 2 Kaption audio SRX 12s. The box is around 4.5 cubic feet and the area is around 72, the length is around 30 inches. For now the plan is to have the subs and port on the same side with the port being L shape


Today, 08:41


What box to chose for Rockford t212d2, net volume without driver displacement and frequency tuning, i don't know what to chose, i was thinking 2.3 cuft at 31hz


Today, 08:33

skar evl voice coil

does anyone know what size/gage and type of wire the skar 18 dvc 2 or 4 ohm voice coil use


Today, 08:02

American Bass Elite 1244 box volume

Anyone know the box volume for American Bass elite 1244? On here it says 1.2 cu.ft. On American Bass website it says 2.5 cu.ft. What should I go by? 2.5 just seems a bit big don’t you think?


26 May, 00:19


Hello, I need help with building an enclosure for a discontinued speaker. I have very limited information, and I would like to create a ported box. I'm open to any suggestions.


30 Apr, 21:26

Box Recommendations

Hi I am looking at building a tuned box for my Skar EVL 15 D2 and would like some recommendations on how to build it to fit in my 2012 impala any advice will be appreciated thank you.


28 Mar, 08:38

help with speaker database

Alex,  I am a retired audio engineer and was wondering if you need any help with speaker database, I have noticed errors in speaker data that simply cannot be true...  I am offering you a hand in verification and if need to be testing in the future to vali


28 Mar, 07:54

subwoofer enclosure

hi, i am planning to build a new subwoofer for about 500 rms, can onyone design me a subwoofer enclosure?


7 Mar, 12:33


The app adjust the box for peak power?? Down in ts parameters is the PE, i left everything stock and i think i build my box for 2000w


29 Jan, 19:56


Max spl and spl shows the same parameters 112 db why? And 3d box is not working. Thanks 


29 Jan, 19:22

Why don't my speakers ever get added

What's the point in having the add speaker button when people spend there time finding ts parameters and all the stuff about a sub or speaker then upload it and wait weeks and it never even gets added.. 


13 Jan, 11:00

ts parameters

Anyone know the TS parameters of this Jvc cs-LD3250 10" strobo sub?


8 Jan, 08:41

Best box design

What is the best box design for selenium 18ws 600?


16 Dec 2022, 06:24

Box dimensions

Can anyone figure out the dimensions for a jl 10w7 but wedge ported style?