Bug in database search

I’m using speaker box lite quite a lot to fo quick enclosure calculations.

However, when I want to select a maker, say SB Acoustics or Faital Pro, I try to seach the database. However, no matter what I search for, the database comes up with the same makers every time, an not what I searched for.

This problem has existed for a while.


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What platform do you use? iOS, Android, WEB

I’n using IOS v12.4


Thanks. I try to fix it to the next release.

A feature suggestion for the next release: The database is getting quite big, and a lot of the brands are relatively obscure, with only a few brands being available in each country.

i suggest adding a «mark as favourite» option on brands, so that the brands marked as favourites comes up first in the list, and then the rest.


For these purposes there exist separated favorites screen. You can add in the favorites particular speaker or a whole brand.

The bug was fixed

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I noticed. Good job, and thanks :)