27 Jun, 18:09

4th order air velocity Tuning question

I mocked up a 4th order box for 2 subs. When I have separate sealed chambers and shared ported, I get a low port air velocity. Problem happens when I decide to have subs share the sealed section and double the sealed cuft. To compensate. Leaving the shared


17 May, 05:45

speaker element stuck in review

Added a jbl speaker in january. still not reviewed and added. 


17 Apr, 08:42

Login problem / bug

Hi. I have 1 PC with windows 10 and 2 laptops: 1 with windows 8.1, and 1 with windows 10, and a smartphone with Android 9. On my smartphone and on all 3 computers I have the same web browsers (in addition to old IE): Google Chrome and the new Microsoft Edg


29 Mar, 13:02

not showing 3d

its telling me plase plase all objects in 3d


26 Mar, 20:50

Inches: Fractions vs Decimals

I have a question to users who use inches to measure length. There is a suggestion from one of the users to change decimal part to the fraction, for example, write 1 1/25 instead of 1.04 is it more convenient? I never used inches. In the tech docs lengths


26 Mar, 13:29

Activity Feed bug at 6th order bandpass enclosures

Hi. I just noticed a bug after sharing my project: on Activity Feed list the displayed volume values are identical at both chambers at 6th order bandpass boxes. I mean, in the list the Vbfront's value is displayed at Vbrear too, but if I open the project (

i love cats

14 Mar, 19:19

Where did the download function for the drawing go?

After the update the download function which created a text document for the drawing disappeared. Are you going to bring that feature back?

i love cats

11 Mar, 21:14

3D and drawing doesn't work after update

After the changes in the website 3D and drawing just don't work. I have deleted the cookies and the user data of the webpage but still it doesn't work. I really hope this gets fixed soon.


4 Mar, 07:05

how to print blueprints

how do i print blueprints from my laptop?


16 Feb, 18:48

How can I find out which of my projects were marked as usable / not usable?

I am lets say a "newbie" in subwoofer enclosure designing, and usually I use WEB (Google Chrome browser / Win10). The reason is why I make and share a lot of projects is that I am really interested in subwoofer enclosure designing and I just want to get a


1 Feb, 16:50

RE: Drivers Database

Hello, I was just curious as to when the next update of the drivers database would take place with submitted requests? The only reason I ask is because it is stated when adding a driver..."Attention: the result will appear in speakers list only after moder


7 Jan, 18:06

Moving Divider in box design

I was wondering if there's a way to move the divider around while creating a bandpass design. right now the divider sits between left and right. I'd like to have an option for top and bottom as well


25 Dec 2019, 19:28

Account recovery form is broken

At some point I got logged out of my account, and now I cannot get back in, I think I know what the email address was, however when I try to use the account recovery form it fails, the PUT request to /api/v1/users/recovery never returns. Edit: actually, it


20 Dec 2019, 04:49


Just a simple suggestion ... didn't see a suggestion thread ... move if needed. Allow the user to remove a specific volume from the enclosure just before total usable volume is determined. For example, if I know my amp and/or crossover takes up "x" amount


4 Oct 2019, 05:12

Multiple Speakers Not Working

The calculator acts as if Im only buildign a box for one speaker even when I select multiple. Can you fix this please? Im using Web and Android and both are having this issue.