31 Mar, 11:24

Cone Displacement

Dear all When i'm modelling an Dayton Audio RSS390HF-4 in speakerboxlite , i doesn't reach the maximal cone displacement. Doing this in WINISD i have allways the problem with the same datas that the cone displacment going out of limits, which is normal wit


24 Mar, 01:34

App not working

Why can't it just work you know some issues with this 3d or drawings 


7 Feb, 08:23


no matter what i do when trying to design a subwoofer box i cant get the Fb(Hz) value.. i have tried to refresh page, i have tried to redo the entireox but stil ldoes not work.. There Is Also No Spaces While Typing This Rewiev..


1 Feb, 22:32

Approving speakers

Hi everyone, I would like to know how speakers are approved. I sent 2 new speakers, i need to send others in the future. Sincerely Romain Cahu


29 Jan, 14:22

Pe (w)

Hi guys pe(w) ?  Is this rms or peak wattage? 


24 Jan, 16:31

Trying to add object. On IPad ice made it that far

I am trying to add an object however the screen doesn’t show an object.


11 Dec 2020, 05:56

how to print blueprints

how do i print blueprints from my laptop?


6 Dec 2020, 20:59

Box, speaker, port models are not displayed in the "3D" tab

I have chosen speaker but the box, speaker, port models are not displayed in the "3D" tab. What is a trouble?


1 Dec 2020, 18:39

No drawing appears in drawing tab?

Hope I get get some help, I’m new to the app and paid for the pro version and having issues. With the drawings tab. It seems I can get all my info in up until I get to the end and when I hit the draw tab I get no drawing just a circle in the center of my s


30 Nov 2020, 07:42

No Graph

Would anybody know why no matter what I do I can't figure out why it wont show me any data on the graphs, yesterday I had it but I didn't save so I had to restart on the design, and now all the useful information is gone. Is there a tab I may have clicked


27 Nov 2020, 04:39

3d box mode

Why won't it let me enter 3d box mode iv tried everything. Plus it won't let me enter all me info on the box page. 


14 Nov 2020, 16:53

Volume information

I have two woofer of SONY VX-222 sound system and i want to make a 4th order bandpass for it but i don't know the volume for high bass. Please help me to know the volume required for best performance 


12 Nov 2020, 19:02

Nie widać szablonów pomocy

btak szablonów. Nie wyświetlają się ktoś pomoże 


27 Oct 2020, 13:54

Adding Diy Sound Group - Anarchy- 708 to database

Hi,  Firstly, thanks so much for making such a excellent tool!! I purchased the pro version today and look to trying the added features. I have submitted the Diy Sound Groups - Anarchy 708 driver for review and to add to your database. I made an error the


8 Oct 2020, 08:12

Thickness of the round ports

Hello, Is there a possibility to change the thickness of the round ports? The thickness is 36mm by default and it seems that it is not possible to change this value, or at least I did not find it. Cheers,