Yesterday, 08:38

help with speaker database

Alex,  I am a retired audio engineer and was wondering if you need any help with speaker database, I have noticed errors in speaker data that simply cannot be true...  I am offering you a hand in verification and if need to be testing in the future to vali


29 Jan, 19:56


Max spl and spl shows the same parameters 112 db why? And 3d box is not working. Thanks 


17 Oct 2022, 21:31

Missing graphs

Hi there. Im trying to design a bass guitar cabinet using a Deltalite 2512 ii. When using the "Adjust VB/FB" feature the SPL graphs dont show. It has happened more than once. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong? Best regards, Henrik


12 Sep 2022, 18:27

Issues with computed parameters of the app

Im having issues with the parameters that the computer determines, for example the total volume of the box, I input the dimensions of the box, and it just doesn't do the math for the volume, the answer box is empty. The same with other parameters of the bo


30 Aug 2022, 12:41

How are multiple drivers managed?

When designing multiple drivers in one box some items are not clear: Does the box volume apply (enclose) all drivers or just one? Similarly does the port apply to a box enclosing all or one driver? Does the Max power apply to all or one driver? I want to d


28 Aug 2022, 04:01

Template Images wont show.

After I enter up all the parameters and we land up on the last page. The template images do not load. And the finish button is grayed out. Add blocks are off. Tried in 3 different browsers and two different laptops. 


10 May 2022, 23:14

problem adding subwoofer

when i try to add a subwoofer i get this error and i cannot proceed: TypeError: t is null


18 Feb 2022, 03:29


Any video of  how to use the app I'm new to this and I don't know how to use it


18 Feb 2022, 03:22

Needing help designing underseat box

Needing a design for under seat in 1999 Ford F-150 extended cab it’s goin to house 4 6.5 skar evl d4 


17 Nov 2021, 06:24

I have trubbel with the Volume

Speaker box dont, calculate the Volume of the box right... should i installera and install the app? //Mvh Chrick


2 Oct 2021, 01:03

Simple vs complex port speed

Why is the port speed different between simple and complex computation models with the same project? Under simple it calculates over 50 m/s at 17 hz (box tuned to 20hz using 200w rms) but under complex it calculates only 15 m/s. Curious of the explanation


16 Aug 2021, 18:02

Multiple driver speaker box

I've been building speakers for many years. I like the fact that this is a web based solution with quite an extensive database but I am finding a discrepancy between my other tools and this tool when it comes to using multiple drivers. When I go from one d


3 Aug 2021, 14:06

DC audio database issues

Can’t get the volume & tuning calculator on any of the DC audio database speakers to work, just goes blank when I enter volume & fb. 


2 Aug 2021, 19:38

Difference in complex and simple calculation

Why does the graph change like this between simple and complex computation model i tried the same calculation in winisd and it seems to be closer to the simple version.  Red=complex Green=simple