17 Sep, 18:43

6th order problem

I was trying a 6th order design. When designing a port is shown in front chamber. In rear chamber i cant place one. When a surface is clicked upon a opposite one lights up green. This goes on till all light up except the one i want the port in. And then th


15 Sep, 11:49

How to add new Speaker

Can someone please add the speakers .


6 Sep, 20:03

Subtracting speaker and port displacement

When entering the value for VB in box parameters, do I need to deduct driver and port displacement  or does speakerboxlite do it for you? Another words, the box Value before subtracting port and speaker Displacement is 2.0 cubic feet and afterwards it’s 1.


10 Jul, 01:40

Box Template

I can't see the templates in the Choose Box/Sub Wizard. There are boxes there to select but no preview of type of template being selected. Anybody else having this problem?


27 Jun, 18:09

4th order air velocity Tuning question

I mocked up a 4th order box for 2 subs. When I have separate sealed chambers and shared ported, I get a low port air velocity. Problem happens when I decide to have subs share the sealed section and double the sealed cuft. To compensate. Leaving the shared


17 May, 05:45

speaker element stuck in review

Added a jbl speaker in january. still not reviewed and added. 


17 Apr, 08:42

Login problem / bug

Hi. I have 1 PC with windows 10 and 2 laptops: 1 with windows 8.1, and 1 with windows 10, and a smartphone with Android 9. On my smartphone and on all 3 computers I have the same web browsers (in addition to old IE): Google Chrome and the new Microsoft Edg


29 Mar, 13:02

not showing 3d

its telling me plase plase all objects in 3d


26 Mar, 20:50

Inches: Fractions vs Decimals

I have a question to users who use inches to measure length. There is a suggestion from one of the users to change decimal part to the fraction, for example, write 1 1/25 instead of 1.04 is it more convenient? I never used inches. In the tech docs lengths


26 Mar, 13:29

Activity Feed bug at 6th order bandpass enclosures

Hi. I just noticed a bug after sharing my project: on Activity Feed list the displayed volume values are identical at both chambers at 6th order bandpass boxes. I mean, in the list the Vbfront's value is displayed at Vbrear too, but if I open the project (

i love cats

14 Mar, 19:19

Where did the download function for the drawing go?

After the update the download function which created a text document for the drawing disappeared. Are you going to bring that feature back?

i love cats

11 Mar, 21:14

3D and drawing doesn't work after update

After the changes in the website 3D and drawing just don't work. I have deleted the cookies and the user data of the webpage but still it doesn't work. I really hope this gets fixed soon.


4 Mar, 07:05

how to print blueprints

how do i print blueprints from my laptop?


16 Feb, 18:48

How can I find out which of my projects were marked as usable / not usable?

I am lets say a "newbie" in subwoofer enclosure designing, and usually I use WEB (Google Chrome browser / Win10). The reason is why I make and share a lot of projects is that I am really interested in subwoofer enclosure designing and I just want to get a