Cone displacement in Speaker box lite app

+15 KrazyK

14 Nov 2019, 20:24

Is anyone having trouble out of the cone displacement graphs? I haven't had any problems until today. I modeled a new driver in the app and there is no way the excursion graphs are correct. Every single one are basically showing the driver self destructing in basically every box it is put in regardless of alignment type. I mean you should see these graphs! Even an app calculated optimal volume box has a curve going outside of the screen! Anyone else experiencing this or have an answer to why it is occurring?

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Can you specify the platform you used and the driver?

My excursion charts read right/correlate using the top of the graph in MM's, but putting my cursor over the waveform shows single and double digit inches for excursion?

+51 LayinLo

15 Nov 2019, 19:55

Did you alter the parameters in any fashion? Perhaps the Pe?



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I haven't.

+51 LayinLo

21 Nov 2019, 03:07

That is odd. I'll try and model it as well and see what I get.


I didn't mean to hijack KrazyK's post, by the way. Yeah every enclosure I model the pop up is in inches?

I had the same problem yesterday. Problem was that the BL, Vas and Sd values were suddenly gone or wrong for the driver. Should mention that the driver was added by me and is not yet approved in the database.