1 Jul, 00:37

Looking for advice or input regarding power acoustik bamf 122 creating a more productive enclosure more suitable for an 05 tahoe

Current enclosure is w 34 h 18 and d 13 tuned around 32 to 29 hz give or take. Love the almost inaudible lows just wany a little more audible bass. Maybe 4th 6th or ??? enclosure is what I'm searching for not sure .


28 May, 20:00

box design

i have a pair of Apocalypse DB-SA2510 D2, 10" 2000peak power, and i would like a 4th order band pass box design, any help?


25 Apr, 13:04

staggered port length

im trying to design a box with staggered port lengths but there doesnt seem to be an option


22 Apr, 02:40

trying to find louder box for my 12s

hello, i was looking for a new box that would make my subs sound louder based off of a custom box, not the pre-built one that they came with. i have two skar evl 12s rated for 1250rms each and  just need an idea of what dimensions would make it the loudest


17 Apr, 03:19


I have 4 cubic feet total to play with for a single resilient sounds platinum 18 at 1 ohm. Wattage conservative at 4500-5000 please help with port size slot preferably.


3 Apr, 14:40

Orion H2 10.2 Box Help

Making a Box for one of Orion old hcca ( H2. 10.2) Subwoofer. Been confused with the tuning and volume for this subwoofer.  Anyone help me with demionsion or suggestions?


1 Apr, 13:56

Box design

Looking for the best possible box designed for 4 8 in sound cubed SD 2 8-in dual 2-ohm coil in a 2006 Silverado extended cab four door preferably a vented enclosure and one that contours to the rear of the cab and the floor I would like to box to be dual p


1 Apr, 13:54

i need a box design for 2 15s

I need a box for 2 ds18 exl xx15s but they need to go into a 2007 nissan altima. the trunk of the car is kinda on the small side.


24 Jan, 04:42

Choose +3db frequency

I don't understand what choose +3db frequency in the car icon thing in the graphs mean. And when I look at the details on my graph I don't hit 0 db until 70 hz and I feel like that is really high? Building a sealed box for Stereo Integrity SQL 15 D4. I ent


23 Jan, 16:55

Adding ports

From the looks of it there's not much support in this app because nobody's questions are answered but How in the WORLD do you add the internal part of your port to your box?? This is the most frustrating app I've ever used and is super glitchy.. I have my


21 Dec 2023, 06:30

Port design issue

I just recently noticed that the data shown on the graphs refuses to allow the use of slot ports. Why is that and will it be changed soon.


3 Dec 2023, 21:02

Need help with tuning new box build

Hey everybody, I'm in need of some experienced help. I've got all of my specs in for my current build but now that I have everything plugged in I'm noticing my port velocity is through the roof. Any tips? And how could I load my build for everyone to see/c


28 Oct 2023, 09:03


Why are my suggestion ones way of spec/ unrealistic 


27 Sep 2023, 00:25

I can’t get this to work

Man I am so lost.  I import my driver, and start small with closed non vented.  When I try to draw a box it doesn’t even show the faceplates - they are all blank.  what am I doing wrong :((


7 Aug 2023, 12:21

Cone displacement in Speaker box lite app

Is anyone having trouble out of the cone displacement graphs? I haven't had any problems until today. I modeled a new driver in the app and there is no way the excursion graphs are correct. Every single one are basically showing the driver self destructing