23 Jul, 21:45

Synergy Audio 12 WFO D2

So I don't see a while bunch online regarding these subs but I picked one up las week and because they are fairly unknown I'm struggling with what direction to go with the box. What type of box will do this sub justice? It's being pushed with a taramps 3k


10 Jul, 01:50

skar evl-65 d2

This is my first time using this program so I'm fairly new to how it works I'm looking to build a box that will hold 4 skar evl-65 d2's and 2 skar vx200-st tweeters something not to big I'm even considering a smaller build with just 2 6.5s and a tweeter if


20 Jun, 15:02

I need help. =/

So i have a limited bit of space.. Funny because its a crew cab, but i run a business and need my racks. Any rate. Im looking to build a 5.5 cube box. MAX parameter for width is 15.75. Height 39. Depth 16. all in inches.. I can give a little on depth but w


30 May, 02:44


Need box dimensions for a ported box for two Skar ZVX-12v2 D2! 48"w x 30"h x 30"d is the max space. 6 cu. ft all together or 3 cu. ft per sub. Tuned somewhere around 30-35 Hz. Thanks in advance! 


15 May, 20:55

Sundown U15d2

So up until this point I have always bought a box as i have never had a system with ver 1000rms and I tried using the wizard with the thiele parameters and I get to the final step and it says warning about port length being to long or something halp! Lol


13 May, 03:00

I need help Building an enclosure

I have an 2003 envoy xl so space isn't am issue I want to build a port enclosure for two American Bass XFL-1244 2019 I have already built one it hits lower note but not so much high ones. These are Dimensions Box External Dimensions 37.00" × 17.00" × 23.81


16 Apr, 12:21

How to make a full convertible hit hard

So I have a 2001 Jeep Wrangler hardtop convertible that I’m trying to build a box for that would sound good with the top off. My customer wants to go ported but as soon as we remove the top the bass is gone. Is there a certain way I should be facing both t


11 Apr, 04:13

Bandpass box for 8 skar sdr 12s

Need help designing  a bandpass box for 8 skar audio 12's please help !


31 Mar, 11:24

Cone Displacement

Dear all When i'm modelling an Dayton Audio RSS390HF-4 in speakerboxlite , i doesn't reach the maximal cone displacement. Doing this in WINISD i have allways the problem with the same datas that the cone displacment going out of limits, which is normal wit


17 Mar, 00:52

Need help with tuning new box build

Hey everybody, I'm in need of some experienced help. I've got all of my specs in for my current build but now that I have everything plugged in I'm noticing my port velocity is through the roof. Any tips? And how could I load my build for everyone to see/c


2 Mar, 22:01

Ports length and how many

I’m looking at a wall build. For 2 nsv4 18” dual 1 subs. Max dimensions are H-43. D-19. L-57. Would like aero port design for a box.  Please help the tuning of it for ports and length. 28-40 hz is my range. 


12 Dec 2020, 02:42

Slant box for trucks DW1/DW2 Huh?

Can anyone explain how to create single sided and double sided trapezoid boxes on this site? Im building a two sided trapezoidal box for my 2012 Silverado that'll fit under the rear seat. for one of these.


11 Dec 2020, 18:58

Working the app

Very new to this,is there any tutorial around on how to work this app?


9 Dec 2020, 18:55

Single NVX VSW104v2 Box

Browsing the reviews on Sonic electronix on this one particular sub, this guy said that he was able to build a quality sub box based on the parameters he put in. First time I've ever used this program. Here's his review and y'all might be able to help: "pi


8 Dec 2020, 11:00

Will we be able to shape the outer design of the enclosure like cylinder or triangle or tight corner 6th order spl design

Just wondering how far we can take our fab design been here for 4 3 years I got a vk Russian fb because of this app lol I know nothing wat they say in russian at all.but it's worth using the app.i have a pending design patent I'm trying to see how easy itl