7 Aug, 12:21

Cone displacement in Speaker box lite app

Is anyone having trouble out of the cone displacement graphs? I haven't had any problems until today. I modeled a new driver in the app and there is no way the excursion graphs are correct. Every single one are basically showing the driver self destructing


20 Jul, 07:01

Brand new user

Hey Everyone, I'm brand new to the app as well as anything design related with audio. I did a google search for "Speaker Box Design" then found the app & desided to try it out. So I have a couple of small speakers, roughly 2×6" that I'd like to build suita


17 Jul, 23:37

Box design

Does anyone have the parameters (specs) for a Orion HCCA 12" SPlX 1ohm Sub that handles 7500 RMS 


16 Jun, 15:15

12inch edge EDP122SPL-E6

Has anyone ever ran a set of these? I'm thinking g about buying 2 12s and running a smart 3 on them? But don't know what the best box? Cubic feet? I'm currently running 1 12.2 orion hcca on a smart 3...


14 Jun, 09:29

do you have to manually subtract port volume when inputting your enclosure volume?

does speakerbox automatically take port volume into account during the calculations. id assume so, but total volume always increases as port size increases, and useable volume remains the same


7 Jun, 18:33

4th order

How do I navigate the 4th order box design


31 May, 08:50

Does anyone know how port placement effects the frequency responce of the subwoofer?

I was planing on building a new box for my 2 Kaption audio SRX 12s. The box is around 4.5 cubic feet and the area is around 72, the length is around 30 inches. For now the plan is to have the subs and port on the same side with the port being L shape


31 May, 08:41


What box to chose for Rockford t212d2, net volume without driver displacement and frequency tuning, i don't know what to chose, i was thinking 2.3 cuft at 31hz


30 Apr, 21:26

Box Recommendations

Hi I am looking at building a tuned box for my Skar EVL 15 D2 and would like some recommendations on how to build it to fit in my 2012 impala any advice will be appreciated thank you.


28 Mar, 07:54

subwoofer enclosure

hi, i am planning to build a new subwoofer for about 500 rms, can onyone design me a subwoofer enclosure?


8 Jan, 08:41

Best box design

What is the best box design for selenium 18ws 600?


16 Dec 2022, 06:24

Box dimensions

Can anyone figure out the dimensions for a jl 10w7 but wedge ported style?


12 Oct 2022, 21:33

Box Volume,Sound

Help Wizard suggests me to use a closed enclosure but there I get an amount of Fb(Hz) = 70Hz and when I use a vented enclosure then I get around 40 Hz. What would you suggest?  I'm using the DaytonAudio DC160-4


29 Sep 2022, 13:01

Vent port air velocity

What is the best vent air velocity? What is the best sound pressure level?