Okay im experienced box builder, but totally stumped on this one. Just happens to be my personal set up. I own 2 dd2512c and I am wanting max flat response. And it's recommending a sealed enclosed which the manufacturer does not at all. Vented 2.5 I have lots of space ... just need help finding optimal box and it's driving me insane lol . Any help or understanding of these subwoofers would mean lots . Oh md2500 pushing them currently

Dd2512 Dd2512c d4

Fs: 44.4 Hz, Vas: 15.5l, Qts: 0.86

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What's up? the 2500 series DD's will do great in a sealed enclosure. I ran a pair @ RMS power in 1.5 ft³ gross per chamber and it banged out the lows and kept up nice with double kicks in heavy metal. not an ideal sub for the job, but they sound pretty good. my buddy has the subs and box now (because I went to Fosgate Power T2's Sealed) and they're still hammering away. so 3 cubes total enclosure space is where I had em knocking the best, I tried smaller and they sounded narrow and I could pinpoint where they were firing from. I bumped em up and it just filled the vehicle nice and evenly at all frequencies, there is a little frequency burp around 36Hz in that setup but it's only noticible if your're really hammering on em. Also the vehicle was a 2014 grand cherokee, firing back with the enclosure right up against the seat

Thanks.  Yeah I'm pushing them with dm2500 beefed up electrical and damn the power it's great just missing the sound everything else it's there . But I hadn't tried sealed definitely going to give it a go I just recently got into ported enclosures and the countless hours of time spent building boxes not to mention the financial investment . Thanks alot for responding didn't think I'd actually get a response

What says the qts Value for you? 

In some Case its a worth to have it as pin point, low Qts often menas thats it can handle a ported box better, if its close or over 0,5 its better to put in a seald box, to be on the safe side,  thats my opinion but Nothing  says thats a must.

A low FS, a low qts is always good but the Vas use to be nog not always but very orten , then, and vice versa, not always on PA radiators in common cases the not so, the very often dont like to play so low, that have often a pretty high Fs!

Car substans like small boxes, and play the best bass for a car,  but ofcourse, all the T/S parametics decide!

Hope you find a box type and size thats fits for your listening as you like it, i have use meny programs for calulare subwoofer boxes and som noledge is good to have Speaker Box dores a good job id you do it right!