FR: Step Response and Tone Burst Response graphs


today I've found this great tool by coincidence. You've done a great job! I'm building speakers for 25 years as a hobby. I've used a lot of different desktop applications over all those years. One feature that I liked from LspCAD was the Step Response and Tone Burst Response graphs. Is it possible to implement those into SBL ?



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I'm more developer then the audio engineer can you explain why do you need step response and tone burst response? Also, what do these graphs mean?

The thing what matters in the end is the transient response. From those graphs you can see how the system reacts to a signal (impulse or a couple of periods of a specific frequency that is of interest). Simply: you can determine how quick the speaker will follow the signal (even after it stops) and therefore how "precise" the speaker will be. For me the tone burst is more interesting than the step response. 

For some graphs you can look here: (paragraph 9.1.1).

BTW...tried to send the previous answer with a screenshot but it wasn't sent. Clicked on the send button and nothing happened.

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