How to change wiring from series to parallel?

I'm currently working with 2 D2 subs and it automatically assumes that im wiring to 4 ohms. I'm trying to make sure taht my impedance rise is accurate

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There is no serial/parallel option for the connection.

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Of use  of. The  radiators One positiv. + you  have to connect  ´the - of the connect same vocecil to the others + positive ,  the last connection  is the second coil -  thats the negative ´- Who you You.will to use as minus, and the primärt + is the positive, of first coil,and + of the secundary coil are - u Shouls use now they are in series 2 + 2 ohm = 4 ohm, how match is the amp minimum ohm output”

If i´s a mono block Theo  have 4 cinnectors for speaker Cables but it is Ohly one Channel, Done can be very High loaded Witherspoon low ohm, if its stereo amp they orten van take 3 ohms per channel 4 ohm in bridge mode

the nerrest balanser impedansen is1 ohm or 4 och or 0.5 ohm all coils must be conentced

Read or say whats amp it is not so hurså to fond out at all!

Dont. Chansen of u Knowles Murphys law!

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You want to simulate your impedance for your wiring mode to check it, am I right? If yes, then you can change Re(Ohm) - on Speaker tab under THIELLE-SMALL PARAMETERS, and switching to EXPANDED mode - to that DC resistance value which is matching your needs (wiring mode...). After this the Impedance graph will be different after clicking on Draw, the other graphs will be the same if you did not changed nothing else.

For example, I simulated a quad voicecoil woofer, each coil have 3 ohms DC. So if it will be wired: all 4 coils in parallel - 0.75 ohms, seriel-parallel wiring mode - 3 ohms, all 4 in series - 12 ohms. Nothing changed, just the impedance - it is on picture:

Then if you want to make your project more accurate, you can change Pe(W) if you plan push different power into your subwoofer like the stock, just be shure that you entered the correct RMS wattage, because in this designer Pe means the RMS power per woofer (speaker), NOT per voicecoil, or NOT per whole system. This will change every graph except group delay, phase, and amp. resp. graphs. Impedace graph maybe will change, maybe not.

In the end, if you want to make public project, you have to choose again the same woofer from database, because if you change some parameters on speaker tab, the woofer will be deleted from your project. After choosing again the woofer if you will not make nothing else, just save your project, the parameters on Speaker tab will be overwritten to stock parameters, but nothing else will not change (graphs will stay the same, 3D, etc...).

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Its esy ..   take one of the driver+ cabel and mount it on the amp`s + same par has low a - minus Connec it With the + of the other coil´ + cable, now u should ha the nr  Teo coil´s minus lett just. Connecticuts it to the alps - pole... now u Seouls have about 4 ohms, the speaker has only inductive resistans, when it moves therefor it calls impedans...