16 Dec 2023, 03:55


I have a Orion 12" Hcca XSLP series (1)Ohm woofer and didn't come with the manual so I'm looking for the TS perameters can any one help me attain them. Thank you for ur time. I exhausted all resources 


18 Sep 2023, 13:50

I want to delete my account

I want to delete my account, this is not for me, but before you can try, they force you to give them data. So, I want to delete my account.


14 Sep 2023, 00:50

What Depth(mm) means?

What the Depth(mm) means in box wizard for beginners page? Which dimension should I enter?


10 Sep 2023, 00:16

do I have to be a patron to use the 3d fuction

do I have to be a patron to use the 3d fuction


31 May 2023, 09:00

What does useful volume mean

so i want to build a speaker box for 2 alpine s-w10d2's but the only problem i have is where it gives total volume and useful volume is the useful volume the net volume or what?


7 Mar 2023, 12:33


The app adjust the box for peak power?? Down in ts parameters is the PE, i left everything stock and i think i build my box for 2000w

30 Aug 2022, 12:48

Wtf is PE(w)???

Just curious im doing a box for a jmf custom 12. It was a dc audio sub converted. Im filling all the required fields per dc audio lvl 5 sub specs. And i run into this parameter pe(w) i assume it is freq resp @ 1(w) which is 82 db... idk for certain though


22 May 2022, 13:24

Speakers connection

What is the meaning of speakers connection at the driver tab? is it like connecting it to the AMP at parallel or serie at seprate channels? Like both subs on 1 channel parallel 


6 May 2022, 23:00

nemesis hectic 15

any specs on nemesis hectic 15? like cutout diameter , everything


16 Nov 2021, 19:49

How to change wiring from series to parallel?

I'm currently working with 2 D2 subs and it automatically assumes that im wiring to 4 ohms. I'm trying to make sure taht my impedance rise is accurate


29 Jan 2021, 14:22

Pe (w)

Hi guys pe(w) ?  Is this rms or peak wattage? 


24 Jan 2021, 16:31

Trying to add object. On IPad ice made it that far

I am trying to add an object however the screen doesn’t show an object.


11 Dec 2020, 05:56

how to print blueprints

how do i print blueprints from my laptop?


6 Dec 2020, 20:59

Box, speaker, port models are not displayed in the "3D" tab

I have chosen speaker but the box, speaker, port models are not displayed in the "3D" tab. What is a trouble?


8 Oct 2020, 08:12

Thickness of the round ports

Hello, Is there a possibility to change the thickness of the round ports? The thickness is 36mm by default and it seems that it is not possible to change this value, or at least I did not find it. Cheers,