Inches: Fractions vs Decimals

I have a question to users who use inches to measure length. There is a suggestion from one of the users to change decimal part to the fraction, for example, write 1 1/25 instead of 1.04 is it more convenient? I never used inches. In the tech docs lengths are written like 11.75" and 11 3/4. I want to hear your opinion about what way is best? 

And the second question if you prefer fractions. They must be only on the drawing/any results or input fields too?

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I wish I had grown up learning the metric system. I have had to adjust as an adult. My preferred method when using imperial measurements would be feet/inches in fractions down to 1/8 of an inch. In example a 12 3/4” h x 8” w x 15 1/2” box would be 1,581 in³ or 0.91 ft³. As you can see, though, I still defaulted a mixed scenario containing decimal and fractional equivalents