Label Conventions for Graph Output(s)

Any way the user can label the individual graph entries, or their shadow text boxes?

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I don't quite understand. What did you mean?

The graphs plot colored displays, red, blue, yellow, etc. So you can plot multiple scenarios on one graph, noting the changes made but it gets confusing distinguish them. Is there a way to highlight individual plots and label them, or label the color chart?

When plotting multiple lines on the same graph it is difficult to keep track of them. It would be nice to be able to label each plotted line (result of each simulation) Also the ability to delete an individual line would be beneficial.


Maybe it'll be helpful for your. See below on the screenshots. You'll see history of before drew plots. You can show/hide particular plots by checkboxes near labels.

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Please, look at my answer above. It maybe helpful for you.

Thank you very helpful!