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I have 1 PC with windows 10 and 2 laptops: 1 with windows 8.1, and 1 with windows 10, and a smartphone with Android 9. On my smartphone and on all 3 computers I have the same web browsers (in addition to old IE): Google Chrome and the new Microsoft Edge (Chromium). The browsers are synchronized via my Google and Microsoft accounts.

The strange thing is that after cleaning / resetting the browsers on all 4 devices, on the PC and on the smartphone I have no problem with login, but on 2 laptops I cannot login. I do not understand where is the problem, because all browsers, operating systems and drivers are up to date too on all 4 devices, so see the picture:

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Can you check is cookies enabled?

Yes, the cookies are enabled in both browsers on all 4 devices. Basically I have the same settings on all devices - I checked them now.

+153 vpeti89

12 Apr 2020, 09:17

Hi. I solved the problem. On my laptops accidentally I not disabled my adblocker on SBL site, so I disabled it and the login works now... Just it is strange that adblock plus blocks some data used for login...

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I think AD block delete some information from cookies because he thinks that this is an ad track id.

Probably yes...I agree...