Multiple driver speaker box

I've been building speakers for many years. I like the fact that this is a web based solution with quite an extensive database but I am finding a discrepancy between my other tools and this tool when it comes to using multiple drivers. When I go from one driver to two drivers, I should see an increase of 3db at the same power and another 3db from doubling the power so the max spl should be 6db higher than a single driver box. That also is assuming the box volume is doubled and the tuning remains at the same frequency. I'm not seeing that in this calculator and maybe it's me not using it correctly. The other tools I use are WIN ISD and a paid license for Eminence Designer.

I'm also seeing a discrepancy in cone excursion with multiple drivers.

Could you let me know if I'm using it wrong?



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Hello. Did you twice the input power? What discrepancy in cone excursion do you see?

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If I double the input power then the cone excursions doubles even though there are two drivers.Is the only place to double the power in the speaker parameters section? If I double the number of drivers and double the power, the cone excursion should stay the same.

Yes, it is. The place to double the power is the "Speaker" tab. Everything works fine in the back. I try to look at this bug later, thanks.

Please, check. It should work now.

It's working correctly now, thank you very much.I'll be sending you a donation as I will be using this often. thanks

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Thanks for your donation and for the bug report