Need help with tuning new box build

Hey everybody, I'm in need of some experienced help. I've got all of my specs in for my current build but now that I have everything plugged in I'm noticing my port velocity is through the roof. Any tips? And how could I load my build for everyone to see/critique? Any assistance would be very welcomed, thanks.

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17 Mar 2021, 00:52


Vent air velocity

It is high because you designed/chosed a port with very small port area - it will be noisy. So, you have to use a port with huge flares on both endings to reduce the port noise, or choose a port with bigger area, but a port with big area probably will have to be too long, so I recomend you to design a box with at least L-port, or better choice is the labyrinth port. Using labyrint port you can design a really long port with big port area, and the box itself remains relatively compact, because the port is basically folded.

If you increase the box's Vb using the same pieces of the same woofer, there is a need to increase the port area too to stay on the same level of vent air velocity. The same if you decide to use more pieces of the same woofer.

As an "extreme but good" example, I made for you a screenshot of a 2.7 liters net volume box tuned to 42.2 Hz with a port area 164x18 mm2 designed for 1 Sundown SA 6.5 D2. So, the port is 1828 mm long, but the box have just WxHxL = 586x184x200 mm outer dimensions, because the port is folded/divided into 11 equal port parts. The max vent air velocity is somewhere between 10 and 11 m/s.

Or as other examples, you can also check my vented boxes shared to Sundown Audio SA-6.5 SW D2 woofer.

Sharing the project

Now I am using just only the Windows-based WEB browser interface, so in the app(s), or on android/IOS/other WEB interface I dont know how it works. So I can help you with this if you use the same interface as me, see the screenshots below (just 5 steps):

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I know this is a late reply, but thank you. I stuck with the large ports, it worked out.