Orion H2 10.2 Box Help

Making a Box for one of Orion old hcca ( H2. 10.2) Subwoofer. Been confused with the tuning and volume for this subwoofer.  Anyone help me with demionsion or suggestions?

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need help with your enclosures hit me up here in Facebook at Ugly Box Enclosures . i can take care of you . port tuning is a bitch sometimes. look at your subwoofers  recommended SQ inch per cubic ft of internal space. tune off net cf not total volume . (bc of displacement of the woofers and the ports and braces)  you need to get as close as you can to that sq inch required 

What kind of amp will you be using?  What kind of car is it going in?  Generally you start with a ported box tuned to 32hz as a baseline and go from there.