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I was just curious as to when the next update of the drivers database would take place with submitted requests? The only reason I ask is because it is stated when adding a driver...

The website and project look great and functions very well thus far and I am fully impressed with it. Personally, I just wanted to be sure that everything here is still active such as development and support before I committed to becoming a Patreon with a monthly subscription and even tossing in an additional donation simply for the effort being shown in designing a great enclosure design method for cloud based use.

I look forward to your reply.

Thank you,


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The development of the service active(I do it every day without vacations) and soon coming new updates for iOS and Android apps and also a full redesign of the WEB site. I'm working on the project single and don't have enough time to make more updates. I'm developing backend, frontend, android and ios apps total 4 apps :) 

Also, I don't review speaker/brand requests due to no have free time. There exist several users(my appreciate them) who sometimes review requests in their free moments, but requests too many and the job isn't interesting :) 

Best Regards.

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Hello AlexExiv,

First off, thank you for the quick response to my question. That was very much appreciated as I expected it not to be answered as quickly as you did. I also thank you for the explanation of the status of development, driver database staff workings and such. I completely understand where you are coming from with not having enough time to do everything there is needing to be done or even what you would like to see done yourself. I actually work for Amazon Web Services as a software development engineer and know exactly how working solo on multiple aspects of a program can be overwhelming and be mentally exhausting bringing you close to burnout and also take a toll on the other side of our lives... family/personal.

I absolutely appreciate and love what you have accomplished with the website and android app so far and hope to see it further progress as time continues on. It is truly helping me with my fascination of car audio as a hobby and the proper enclosures for the subwoofers I selected for the vehicle builds I have going on currently. You definitely have gained a supporter in myself and will be becoming a Patreon here shortly as well as tossing in an additional donation because I know how taxing projects such as this can be on a single developer having to do it all on his own. Once again, thank you for the quick answer and starting this project.

~ Mike

I appreciate your support :) If you wanna try the new version of the WEB write to the support to get the link to the developer test. 

Also, I'm glad to know somebody from AWS. You make great things :)

Can you please add this driver?

Since it's an AMT it's missing a few of the normal specs and I can't add it myself because of the missing parameters

Hello. Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to add these sort of speakers because they don't have the minimum required parameters to make calculations :(