Recent Jaycar data discrepencies

There are a number of discrepancies between data published by Jaycar between their website and their recent physical catalogues.

1. Incorrect photos

There are six woofers available from Jaycar, from 4" to 12", however the photos used on the website do not match those published in their catalogues, and the photos on the catalogue and website are both obviously wrong. This has been the case since these drivers were added back in 2012. Of the current drivers I have only owned a pair of the 12" model.

Here is what is printed in the 2019 catalogue:

The 6.5" and 8" driver both use the same photo, and the 12" driver photo is obviously for a smaller diamater driver than the 10" photo. I can recall from memory that the 12" driver looks like the 10" but larger.

The website on the other hand uses these photos from the 6.5", 8" and 12" respectively:

In this case the 6.5" and 12" drivers share the same image. I suspect that the website is correct for the 6.5" and 8" drivers.

2. Suggested box size and Vas

This is a more serious issue, if you look at the catalogue, the driver specifications are listed as follows:

This all looks okuntil you get to the 10" driver, which inexplicably uses a range to define the Vas. If you check the website however the numbers used in the catalogue are instead listed as "Recommended Speaker Box Volume" and completely different numbers are listed under Vas.

Both of these things combined leave me unable to trust either of their publications. I'm going to attempt to bring this to someone's attention at Jaycar and hopefully get confirmation of what the correct data is.

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I remember. I changed VAS of the one speaker after looked it on their website. I thought you were confused maybe after added a lot of speakers :)

Onetime I wrote to another developer about the similar mistake and they said that right data inside the box of your speaker. I answered "I don't have the speaker" and they wrote something like "You possibly must buy one to know right data" :))