11 Oct, 11:12

Publish drivers specs

HI! I've published 8 drivers specs days ago, some are not in the database and some are update of existing drivers (some T&S specs were missing). Any chance to have them published? The problem is that if we build a box with an unpublished driver in the data


9 Sep, 05:34

Why is the Skar VXF-12 D4 on here but not the D2

Why is the Skar VXF-12 D4 on here but not the D2


3 Aug, 00:11

3 txxbcd4 12

I am not by any means of a box builder it's a lost cause flat out need help building a 3 txxbcd4 12.i can do everything else except building a box This box is to big for the txxbcd4 12 barely got all the screws in


12 May, 09:45

Ct sounds EXO 15

I've got a CT Sounds EXO 15". It's like it was never made. Google it and all you get are the 12". Can anyone here help me out with the T/S sheet for the 15. Thanks 


24 Nov 2019, 20:41

Which power value of the actual speaker is the best for the simulation and design ported boxes?

I have simulated 4 ported boxes using different power values (Pe) for a DD 506 D2 redline woofer. My rule for the boxes is to not overpass Xmax at 30 Hz and higher frequencies. On DD's website there are 3 power values for the 500 series woofers, for RMS po


6 Sep 2019, 10:17

Xmax and Xmech

If I want to design a ported or a 6th order bandpass box for a speaker, the Xmax is exceeded. If I design a 6th order bandpass where the Xmax is not exceeded, the box is not buildable (rear chamber is tuned too high and the port have unreal dimensions, or

Anarchist Mae

10 Apr 2019, 20:10

Recent Jaycar data discrepencies

There are a number of discrepancies between data published by Jaycar between their website and their recent physical catalogues. 1. Incorrect photos There are six woofers available from Jaycar, from 4" to 12", however the photos used on the website do not