13 Jan, 11:00

ts parameters

Anyone know the TS parameters of this Jvc cs-LD3250 10" strobo sub?


27 May 2022, 00:55

How big a box for 2 -10s vented

I have 2 jbl gt5 10sub not sure how big the box , also vented


20 Apr 2022, 01:52

Box dimensions for a trapezoid box

I have 2 jl audio 12tw3-d8 need dimensions for a trapezoid box for 1.62 cubic feet . I have 19 inches tall, 59 inches wide,and 20 inches deep space to work with. 


18 Mar 2022, 05:45

help building a subbox for 8 8"skar zvx subs

i just need help using this software where can u put how many subs im using fir the enclosure etrcv etc......./


30 Jan 2022, 13:18


i need small parametres.pioner ts-w303c.and evr


17 Jan 2022, 20:37

2 deafbonce apocalypse 4514rd2 in sentra

Removed all seats except driver in 2008 sentra. Cut out rear deck all the way to windshield added alternate bracing. I have 3 agm 1 lithium battery 320 amp alternator and salt 4 for 2 deafbonce apocalypse db4515r d2 parralel at .5 ohm I have built 2 ported


30 Aug 2021, 18:32


Where do you specify height, width, length?  I just want a simple box!!


13 May 2021, 20:34

Need Assistance Building

Need assistance with operating the software. Just trying to make a Custom Bandpass Enclosure for a Custom Subwoofer. 


16 Apr 2021, 08:16

Speaker Box design

What is The Best choise for Pro Audio speaker Box design APP or soft ware 


14 Apr 2021, 08:29

Can't find T/S for Two Speakers

Hello, could you please help me finding the T/S Parameters for the speakers - pictures bellow. I have two speakers, the only thing I know about is the Serial Number or Part Number. The bigger is FSF06401C-01 and the smaller is ESB545017-1808. Do you guys K


11 Oct 2020, 11:12

Publish drivers specs

HI! I've published 8 drivers specs days ago, some are not in the database and some are update of existing drivers (some T&S specs were missing). Any chance to have them published? The problem is that if we build a box with an unpublished driver in the data


9 Sep 2020, 05:34

Why is the Skar VXF-12 D4 on here but not the D2

Why is the Skar VXF-12 D4 on here but not the D2


3 Aug 2020, 00:11

3 txxbcd4 12

I am not by any means of a box builder it's a lost cause flat out need help building a 3 txxbcd4 12.i can do everything else except building a box This box is to big for the txxbcd4 12 barely got all the screws in


12 May 2020, 09:45

Ct sounds EXO 15

I've got a CT Sounds EXO 15". It's like it was never made. Google it and all you get are the 12". Can anyone here help me out with the T/S sheet for the 15. Thanks 


24 Nov 2019, 20:41

Which power value of the actual speaker is the best for the simulation and design ported boxes?

I have simulated 4 ported boxes using different power values (Pe) for a DD 506 D2 redline woofer. My rule for the boxes is to not overpass Xmax at 30 Hz and higher frequencies. On DD's website there are 3 power values for the 500 series woofers, for RMS po