Request to have 2 speakers added to data base

Hi, not looking to be a pain but just confirming that I have done it correctly.

I have two open requests to have two subwoofers added to the data base of speakers not sure if I have done it correctly though but the Savard Speaker is the more important of the two, to me.

I hope they or it can be added asap, let me know if I have missed something so I can rectify the issue.

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I've added your request. I'm sorry I don't have enough time to check requests and this feature was suspended. Maybe It will appear again if I make up the way to check speakers parameters by the community without me. But now I don't have a solution.

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+9 Aljonemo

16 Jun 2021, 00:30

All good, I figured donating $15AUD to have it added was the least I could do, I will donate more once I build the enclosure and it is a success. Still a little sceptical that the advised port size and length for either round or slotted is accurate in the wind speed measurement but I am following it through and will report back with the outcome in a month or so as Sundown Audio amplifier and 2x Savard HiQ 8" subs are all coming from the USA to Australia and will take time, but, so far I'm finding the site hopeful and super fun to tweak and trial things with.

Thanks for your support.

Thanks for your donate and support :)