Slant box for trucks DW1/DW2 Huh?

Can anyone explain how to create single sided and double sided trapezoid boxes on this site? Im building a two sided trapezoidal box for my 2012 Silverado that'll fit under the rear seat.

for one of these.

Alpine S-W12D4

Fs: 31 Hz, Vas: 1313.9l, Qts: 0.52

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You have a mistake in the specifications of the driver. Just note it. 1313 liters too much for this driver. I think you were confused with liters and cubic feet. You can find this speaker in the database.

DW1 and DW2 are offset on the top of the box to make a trapezoid. Look at the screenshot below

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Yep. I forgot to do the conversions before I pushed send..

I correct myself here again. I'm building a one sided trapezoidal box. only one slant side.

If you are new to box design you can use the "Wizard" tool to create your first box. It'll help you to choose the volume and port, during the last step you should choose the one side trapezoid and specify your slant(it is a slant of your backseat if I correctly understood your wishes). Please, look at the screenshot below

Its actually the slant of my rear seat bottom cushion. The box actually has the woofers firing down to the floor and it fits under the rear seat. On the application the box is standing up and I wish I could rotate it to the way it is being installed.