Just a simple suggestion ... didn't see a suggestion thread ... move if needed.

Allow the user to remove a specific volume from the enclosure just before total usable volume is determined. For example, if I know my amp and/or crossover takes up "x" amount of volume and I want the calculations to consider that, I can just add the volume of those components and it's be determined in the graph calculations.Should be simple to implement.

Also allow for us to move the speaker either flush with inside or outside of enclosure and have volume adjust accordingly.

I'm just kinda new and checking this out, if there is a way already, please let me know, I didn't see it.

This tool looks awesome ... I hope you get the incentives to keep it up.

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There is no such option yet. But I plan to make it in February or March in the next year. At the moment you can achieve it by adjusting speaker displacement. Thanks for suggestion.

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Ah yes speaker displacement ... thanks for the tip! I might have other suggestions, not on the tool itself, but how you might be able to get a wider audience and get the funds needed to make it worth your while to keep updating. When I do I'll respond to your update post thread on the future of the service thread.

Thanks for suggestions. I appreciate for any help :)