Thiele small perameters

I bought the Orion HCCA SPlX 12" 1ohm and didn't receive my specs or Manuel. I've tried looking for them all over the net. If you have them please text them to me. I did have a designer design a box plan for me but even he didn't know the spec. now I'm wondering if my sub is getting the proper space. Anyways thanks 4 ur time

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If you live near San Francisco CA you can bring it to my house and feed it to my impedance analyzer.  It'll generate the TS parameters from there.

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30 Jul 2023, 21:25

Hey that's might b wt I nd...thank u I'm live in woodland CA 20 miles north of Sacramento 

Have you tried to contact Alphasonik?

I'm in livermore.  I'm free most weekends.  Sorry I was out of town for a bit and didn't see your message right away