4 Mar, 06:55

Best 4th order pro audio sub

Best 4th order pro audio sub


18 Nov 2023, 01:47

how to add missing speaker to database

How do you add a missing speaker to the database


16 Aug 2023, 06:55

Thiele small perameters

I bought the Orion HCCA SPlX 12" 1ohm and didn't receive my specs or Manuel. I've tried looking for them all over the net. If you have them please text them to me. I did have a designer design a box plan for me but even he didn't know the spec. now I'm won


20 Jul 2023, 06:38


Hello, I need help with building an enclosure for a discontinued speaker. I have very limited information, and I would like to create a ported box. I'm open to any suggestions.


2 Jun 2023, 20:14

Witch speaker would be better

witch speaker would perform or hit harder so to speak both in a perfect environment. Got a Rockville w12k6d2 v2 or this monster 10” I got off ebay for $13 bc it was labeled wrong I believe, anyone have a guess on the maker as well. these are the 10” specs


31 May 2023, 09:03

Box design

HI have tried to design a ported box for 4- 12's. There a 1250 watt RMS speaker. I have built 2 boxes that are garbage. I'm tired of burning them for firewood. Birch is expensive! Is there anyone out here that would help? I would surely appreciate it. (cra


29 Jan 2023, 19:22

Why don't my speakers ever get added

What's the point in having the add speaker button when people spend there time finding ts parameters and all the stuff about a sub or speaker then upload it and wait weeks and it never even gets added.. 


30 Aug 2022, 12:48

Wtf is PE(w)???

Just curious im doing a box for a jmf custom 12. It was a dc audio sub converted. Im filling all the required fields per dc audio lvl 5 sub specs. And i run into this parameter pe(w) i assume it is freq resp @ 1(w) which is 82 db... idk for certain though


23 Jan 2022, 19:56

I’d like some help navigating the app

I would like some help navigating the app so I can start working on speakers


17 Nov 2021, 06:23

Apocalypse Db-3012

When will new subwoofers be available I've been trying to get the deaf bonce apocalypse Db-3012 first version on here since July but it says the still waiting to be reviewed any help would be great thanks 


27 Feb 2021, 10:38

Tweeters? 3-way speaker

Why can’t I find or add any tweeters into my speaker build. Is this app just meant for subwoofer building? I can select a 3 way design but can’t find any tweeters. Confused by this 


18 Sep 2020, 09:54

Looking for an expert to find the right speaker

I am trying to develop an object that drives away beasts using a low frequency of less than 20hz. However, there are so many different speakers than I thought, so I think I'll be frustrated after choosing it. The speaker I want to buy is 10 inches and shou


24 Nov 2019, 20:41

Which power value of the actual speaker is the best for the simulation and design ported boxes?

I have simulated 4 ported boxes using different power values (Pe) for a DD 506 D2 redline woofer. My rule for the boxes is to not overpass Xmax at 30 Hz and higher frequencies. On DD's website there are 3 power values for the 500 series woofers, for RMS po


7 Sep 2019, 00:27

Cone displacement rises above X-Max. Is it a deal breaker?

When modeling a speaker, under what conditions if any can Cone Displacement surpass X-Max? When displacement surpasses X-Max, is my design garbage? Is limiting power to the driver an acceptable solution? Attached is an extreme example. Thank you


6 Sep 2019, 10:17

Xmax and Xmech

If I want to design a ported or a 6th order bandpass box for a speaker, the Xmax is exceeded. If I design a 6th order bandpass where the Xmax is not exceeded, the box is not buildable (rear chamber is tuned too high and the port have unreal dimensions, or