27 Feb, 10:38

Tweeters? 3-way speaker

Why can’t I find or add any tweeters into my speaker build. Is this app just meant for subwoofer building? I can select a 3 way design but can’t find any tweeters. Confused by this 


18 Sep 2020, 09:54

Looking for an expert to find the right speaker

I am trying to develop an object that drives away beasts using a low frequency of less than 20hz. However, there are so many different speakers than I thought, so I think I'll be frustrated after choosing it. The speaker I want to buy is 10 inches and shou


24 Nov 2019, 20:41

Which power value of the actual speaker is the best for the simulation and design ported boxes?

I have simulated 4 ported boxes using different power values (Pe) for a DD 506 D2 redline woofer. My rule for the boxes is to not overpass Xmax at 30 Hz and higher frequencies. On DD's website there are 3 power values for the 500 series woofers, for RMS po


7 Sep 2019, 00:27

Cone displacement rises above X-Max. Is it a deal breaker?

When modeling a speaker, under what conditions if any can Cone Displacement surpass X-Max? When displacement surpasses X-Max, is my design garbage? Is limiting power to the driver an acceptable solution? Attached is an extreme example. Thank you


6 Sep 2019, 10:17

Xmax and Xmech

If I want to design a ported or a 6th order bandpass box for a speaker, the Xmax is exceeded. If I design a 6th order bandpass where the Xmax is not exceeded, the box is not buildable (rear chamber is tuned too high and the port have unreal dimensions, or


5 Feb 2019, 08:18

Help with unlisted speaker causing calculator to fail?

Hello, first time user user and could use some help.  Im trying to calculate the box dimensions for a very small speaker (Dayton Audio CE40p-8). Yet, when I enter the vas, qtc and fs parameters, nothing happens with the calculator. Am I doing something wro