Box, speaker, port models are not displayed in the "3D" tab

I have chosen speaker but the box, speaker, port models are not displayed in the "3D" tab. What is a trouble?

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Most likely you not specified all required parameters:

  1. For box displaying you must specify its bound box dimensions and material thickness in the "Box" tab.
  2. For speaker(s) displaying you must specify cutout diameter and mounting depth in the "Box" tab (magnet diameter is not required and if you did not specify its then program set diameter equals to 1/3 of the speaker diameter)
  3. For port(s) displaying you must specify its dimensions in the "Port" tab, also port material thickness in the "Box" tab.

If you do all above but models still not displayed you need to write to us, maybe it's a bug.

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11 May 2019, 14:11

To simplify, the outside dimensions of your box and the dimensions of your port have to make sense in order to be displayed by the 3D model.


Speakers: (2) 12 Inch Skar Audio EVL

Material Thickness: .75 inches

Box Dimensions: (Height) 15 inches, (Wide) 20 inches, (Length) 40 inches

Port Dimensions: (Height) 13.5 inches, (Wide) 2 inches, (Length) 26 inches

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After the entries are made, and you want to see the virtual production, under the 3D tab you have to select OBJECTS tab, to add piece(s) to the blank screen below. Start with the box. The box will visualize in the 3-D field below. Now that you can see box, start adding the ports, chambers, sub(s) etc. When you select a piece to add to the box, the software wants to know where or which side that piece is to be added. As you add them you can drag/drop them.

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I have two 12" infinity Kappa DVC with a Alpine amp when running one Chanel 2oms puts out 750 made my own box ported and I have a divider for the subs. Box is I think 32 *14 *18. I can't remember exactly. I want to add one more 12" it's 4 oms DVC hooking to JL audio 500/1. here is my question. I want to add box to the rectangle one so it's going to be in the shape of a L. Thinking 18 wide top height of 10" probably top would be 28"the back would be 24. Does this make sense to anyone and I may use port in the shape of L too. Other idea is to make it somewhat of a T   need to see out mirror and I have to only be 10" high