Corner radius measurement

is there a way to measure corner radius? especially when its not 90 degree corners (building trapezoid style boxes)

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To change a box shape type, please follow the instructions in the image below:

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i'm not asking about how to change shape of the box. my question is how to measure corners, after you got trapezoid box part? (in this case its a side part)

Why do you need angles? For cutting more convenience on the height subtract from the width DW. 

At the moment no opportunity to measure angles. I can write down it for future releases.

i have opportunity to shape edges with the machine, so i would have flush fit in situations like this (down meeting rear part, fig 1)

knowing angle, would help a lot.

right now all parts are with 90 degree edges, so its not flush fit when it comes to trapezoid style boxes (fig 2)

and if you use some thick material, those gaps could make a big difference :)

I have understood you. I will do it in the future releases. Please look at the images below maybe it helps you for now:

It is maybe not convenient to see bevel here, but you can get the width(DW on the images) that you need to whittle. Just click on the auto-generate button, and you will see it as the result.

Hope it helps to you.