How are multiple drivers managed?

When designing multiple drivers in one box some items are not clear:

  1. Does the box volume apply (enclose) all drivers or just one?
  2. Similarly does the port apply to a box enclosing all or one driver?
  3. Does the Max power apply to all or one driver?

I want to design 4 drivers in one box. I assume I put the T/S parameters of a single driver in and specify the number of drivers and the wiring configuration (e.g. 2 series/2parallel). However Max power seems to be limited to the Max Power of one driver. 

Advice welcome.

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 i was wondering the same

Having read some previous comments, I believe PE is just input power and it can be set to anything. 

In retrospect this is a good feature because it helps to examine the power limits for the onset of distortion and chuffing.