Thickness of the round ports


Is there a possibility to change the thickness of the round ports?

The thickness is 36mm by default and it seems that it is not possible to change this value, or at least I did not find it.


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Hi. Did you mean the thickness is a material thickness or diameter?


"material thickness"

As example.

If we use a plastic tube of 100mm external diameter, the thickness is 6mm and the internal diameter is 94mm. As we can't manage thickness, the hole in the box is too large.

I also forgotten another problem. When we create a database entry for a driver (to be validated), the X-max value is automatically rounded when we click on "Send".

I typed X-max = 6.10 and I got 6 only when the entry is validated with "send".


You can change the material thickness on the "Box" tab of the calculator. Please, look at the screenshot below for advice:

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I'll check the bug with the x-max rounding. Thanks.

OK, thanks.

Maybe it would be better to have these parameters in the "port" section with clearer labels but nothing urgent.


Hi Alex!

I'm back on the post story.

Something seems wrong.

External tube dimension: 90

Internal tube dimension: 86

Thickness: 4

And we got a 94mm hole instead of 90 in the drawing.

If you find time to work on this, I'll suggest you to modify GUI as this.

(In only one location)

Port external diameter (mm):

Port material thickness (mm):

Port length (mm):

Port outside length (mm):

Displacement (mm): (not sure of this means)

Hole cutting space (mm): (example: 1mm to add to the hole dimension to have space to to have a space to be able to insert the tube)



That's all right. You specified the port diameter 86 mm and material thickness 4 mm and as the result, you got the hole with a diameter 94 mm = 86 + 4 + 4 or (86/2 + 4)*2 because the material thickness adding to both ends of the diameter.

I placed a material thickness of a port on the "Box" tab because I think it is more related to box construction. Meanwhile, the "Volume" and "Port" tab related to virtual definitions with only useful values without materials, displacements, and so on for people who design a final box by themself. The "Box" tab contains all displacements, materials, cutout dimensions, and so on, all you need to do last step - design the final box. It's all need to separate different steps of box designing.

Displacement means volume occupied by ports in this case. If you look at the "Speaker additional" section you will see the displacement of speakers. 

Don't port or tube manufacturers specify material thickness? Only external and internal diameters?

Hi Alex,

In fact, you're right. Manufacturers only specify material external and internal diameters.