Trapezoid box with a labyrinth port

Hertz ES 250.5

Hertz ES 250.5

Fs: 35 Hz, Vas: 27.7l, Qts: 0.6


Vented, Vb: 87l, Fb: 24Hz


So, I'm playing with a the design of a new enclouse. But I'm having a issue with the options. I want a one-side trapezoid rectangle box with a labyrinth port. Being the angle side at the back and the port at the front.

The problem is that the "walls" of the labyrint go beyond the back wall (because they are in a right angle but the back wall doesnt).

My main concern is about the port volume, because I can just cut all in an angle, but I don't want miss the tuning so bad.

Thank you in advance,


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Oh, It breaks the geometry of the port. I don't think that is possible and right and it changes box tuning. You must place the port on the other side.

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It is possible for example like this:, or like this: (I just opened the link in your question and replaced the port and the speaker). In my opinion if you want to place the port on that side like it is on your link, you should use round port... Labyrinth or L-port will not fit there in that way like you want to.

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I have built simple slot port enclosures with a basic "L" shaped port in a trapizoid shaped box.  I maintained the same angle along the back wall.  I would think you could do something similar with your labyrinth port.  I realize this would entail transitioning from angled walls to straight.  It does seem challenging, but possible.  At some point I think you would have to account for two port lengths off the angle in the back wall.  I feel that as long as you add back in the shortage of length you would still be able to reach your desired tuning.

Another option if applicable would be to make the angle dead space, and seal it up as it's own chamber.  Thus leaving a rectangle to construct the port.  This I feel would be a "fruitless effort" and waste internal volume.  A sixth order bandpass may be an option to consider if your looking to achieve a wide bandwidth.

Hi, yes I was thinking in that 2 exact same solutions xD But because I'm a lazy person, I did this:

So, I think that I'm able to fix it inside the trunk of my car. I will double mesure it and tell.

Thank you all for your answers :D

I wanted to add something like this, but it produces a lot of unused space. I thought it would not like to anybody.