Cone Displacement

Dayton Audio RSS390HF-4

Dayton Audio RSS390HF-4

Fs: 19.5 Hz, Vas: 212l, Qts: 0.43

Dear all

When i'm modelling an Dayton Audio RSS390HF-4 in speakerboxlite , i doesn't reach the maximal cone displacement.

Doing this in WINISD i have allways the problem with the same datas that the cone displacment going out of limits, which is normal with avented box design.

How accurate is speakerboxlite in the cone displacment graph?

please have a look to the graphs.

Same with port velocity

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here the graphs

Maybe you specified different powers? For example, for SBL it was RMS power, but for WINISD max power?

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Thank you for the comment

With speakerboxlight i have only the possibility to enter the Pe = 500W

With Winisd i used the system input power =500W

Any other workaround for speakerboxlite?

I'll try to look on Sunday. But I don't have WinISD I have the BassBox app to compare.

This is my last project: - simulated in WinISD, i wrote very long description for it (in the "Project link", because the shared project's description-textbox was not enough for that), and there are screenshots of WinISD graphs / data in project's gallery. Maybe this helps a bit... Btw, I noticed that at closed and vented boxes BassBox app's simulations are very similar like here on SBL (at least for those woofers which I've tried to simulate in both simulators), the bandpasses and PR boxes I didn't tried yet.

I'm sorry for the late response. I was busy and a little sick. I compare SBL results with another program and the results are the same. I think all correct.

I know BP6 has some issues in their graphs :( I hope I'll solve them in the next year when I'll updating computation formulas.

Thank you, it seems that Winisd isn't correct

Did you build a closed or ported box?

I build the box after Parts express, 97 liters closed a bit bigger internal volume, to make the extreamly massive, and to get the damp material to stay better in place about 70% is fillled with the right damping material, and the Amp is XTZ SAM-1 ICEPOWER /740 RMS /1040 Peak Watts

With PQ-lizer nad + /- 10 dB adjustment it has more settings REF, A,B 

The Ref is for deep bass, mode A a more controlled tighter bass less bloat, and B mode more for music with not so deep bass notes, there is a Subsonic filter that can be used if you like it, but the best part is that you can get it with diffrent program parametics if you want just send it back and explaine what you dident like or what you would have in mind and they fix that for free, i live in sweden where the the dude who is the brain behind XTZ lives, he sold yhe first consept to Thympany of sound but, began his other projekts that will not have anything to do with thw Thympany of sound, and he is very good at sond products that he deliver to the costumers, i tryed to calc yhe box in Speakerbox and the volume was exact the same as Parts Express recommended, and i ca say one thing it´s sounds better then Earthquake Supernova MKIV do i have to say more.

Have i great building season.

Christopher Björkqvist